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Pallet Building

MVA offers a range of recyclable or reusable palletizing solutions.

Reusable Wrap 


We are introducing new product that will stabilise palletised loads quickly and easily, and is available in a range of sizes.

In typical use they will last up to 60 months. This will significantly reduce the use of plastic pallet-wrap film over that time.


Absorbant Mat


MVA Absorpant Mat is used as an underlayer for so called “wet freight” like meat and fish or cattle transport. The absorption is 3 to 5 litters par square metter. The purpose is to keep the aircraft belly, pallets and containers dry and clean. The material is recyclable.

The absorbant material must be sufficient quantity to absorp the entire contents of the primary receptacle(s) so that any release of the liquid substance will not compromise the integrity of the rest of the packaging.

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