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Certified Pallets and Containers

MVA offers a wide range of consumables and equipment for freight transport to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the profitability of flights

Cargo Pallets

Our Aircraft Cargo Pallets are Certified and delivered with an EASA Form One. We do supply PMC, PAG, PLA, PGA and PKC, in 3,5 or 4,00 mm. Also HCU Military Pallets.

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We do supply a full range of containers including superlight ones. All our containers are certified.

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Net Fence

MVA has designed a reusable protection grid for securing the contents of your pallets. It avoids the use of disposable wire mesh and generates significant savings.

It can be completed for a waterproof protective cover.

It is available from 64 to 94 inches


MVA has designed a collapsible aluminum UMC that maximizes PMC loading.
Weighting 95 kg, it is likely to be stacked by six units. It is not welded and is very easy to repair and maintain.

It is available in PMC, PAG, PLA and PKC sizes from 64 to 96 inches.

The "light" version, equipped with polyester nets, weights only 55 kg.

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